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Our Goals

To  promote both officer safety and public safety.

To maintain the highest quality standards for the services we provide.

To provide the best customer service possible.

"I will train my students to the best of my abilities.  I will teach them as if their lives, and the lives of others, depend on their training; because it does.  I will teach them to never give up, and to go home safe at the end of each shift.  I will lead by my own example."


                        -Survival Skills Instructor’s Creed

There are Three "Golden Rules" in Public Safety.

1. Go Home Safe!

2. Go Home Lawsuit Free!

3. Complete Your Mission (Job).


Northwest Survival Skills, LLC was founded because of a definite, and identifiable, need for quality survival skills training for our law enforcement and security professionals.  Even in tough economic times this need does not go down, and some would even say it grows.

Oregon's Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) has fallen victim to these same budget shortfalls and as a result has to focus on the entry level training for our officers.  Sadly, DPSST does not offer adequate intermediate, advanced and instructor level training on a regular basis for law enforcement and security professionals who desperately need it.  DPSST no longer even certifies instructors who do not work for them teaching the mandated "core" courses at their academy.  Because of these "budget shortfalls", the next logical step for DPSST is to require any person attending an instructor level course to teach a certain number of hours for DPSST in order to be approved to attend one of their classes.  This requirement, if put in place, would place an undue financial and staffing burden on the agencies seeking to create instructors.  Worse yet, it could create hardships for instructors and their families. 

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